Why Myriad Golf:


At Myriad Golf  we focus on what our customers want and place a premium on providing superb customer service.


Forget stuffy unhelpful staff. Forget being lost in the maze of members who become little more than numbers to be counted. Forget the monthly statements that don't make sense and see the simplicity and authenticity that make Myriad Golf your next home! 



Becoming a member is easy


First, identify which course is the most convenient  for you. Then follow the links below to print an application for that course and begin playing as soon as possible!





The Providence Club


Eagle's Brooke


Cotton Fields



Myriad Golf

Telephone:  678.432.1979



Open 7 Days 

Come play today!



Join where the membership options actually make sense.


No minimum fees, no paying for services you don't use, and play any course for the same price!


Myriad Golf offers members a new type of multi-course membership. Join Myriad Golf and experience the true golfer's membership. You select from two membership options and enjoy three courses, without paying extra to play any course, and best of all without minimum fees for services you don't use!

Play often, play well, play now...